This DIY game console and virtual pet bundle are the perfect toys for nostalgic millennials (and kids too)

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Millennials are perhaps one of the most misunderstood generations, resulting in a bit of an identity mix-up. Definitely not kids but most certainly not 'real' adults, millennials are mourning the loss and death of everything (our fault, sorry folks). On the off-chance there is time for fun and happiness, it's hard to find it.

If you're a fellow millennial looking for a way to both satisfy your appetite for nostalgia without going into the fetal position trying to grasp at memories of the past, this gaming bundle from CircuitMess is a great way to relive the good old days and have some fun. Even better, it's also on sale for $289.99.

The CircuitMess Gaming Bundle has two parts, including ByteBoi, a do it yourself gaming console, and CircuitPet, a pocket pet to take care of when you're avoiding your IRL adult responsibilities. 

Starting off strong, ByteBoi is a great way to wind down and do something a little off the beaten path after a long day of adulting. You'll score games, puzzles, and adventures on a gaming system you create with your own two hands while simultaneously animating all of your favorite characters. For the technical aspects, you also get a crash course on things like soldering, microcomputers, microprocessors, and electric components.

Part two of this bundle includes CircuitPet. It's a DIY virtual pet similar to the Tamagotchi you kept in your pocket as a kid in the 90s, when your only responsibilities were to drink KoolAid and snack on Gushers. You can learn to build and code your pet to your liking, how to use hardware, RTC, microcomputers and other electronic components, and TFT LCD displays.

If coding is what you want, it's what you'll get. This bundle can also offer tips on how to code your own games and animate characters. You can even learn physics simulation, C++ and CircuitBlocks coding , video game mechanics, and embedding programming. Who knows, you might even be able to impress Gen Z (though it's highly doubtful)!

Play on and get the CircuitMess Gaming Bundle: DIY Game Console and Virtual Pet for $289.99 (Reg. $339).

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