Arizona courts tire of Kari Lake trying to overturn election

Kari Lake's loss in Arizona was a headline failure for the GOP in last November's midterm election—and a humiliating one for the former TV host. Since then, Lake has tried to overturn her defeat by hook or crook, but an appeals court Thursday has had enough. KTAR News:

In a ruling on Thursday, the Arizona Court of Appeals wrote Lake, who claimed problems with ballot printers at some police places on Election Day were the result of intentional misconduct, presented no evidence that voters whose ballots were unreadable by tabulators at polling places were not able to vote. The court said that even a witness called by Lake to testify had confirmed that ballots that couldn't initially be read could at polling places still ultimately have their vote counted.

And while a pollster who testified on behalf of Lake claimed the polling place problems had disenfranchised enough voters to change the outcome in Lake's favor, the court said his conclusion were baseless.