Grab these earbuds that double as a translator with this Presidents' Day Deal, now $115.99

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Presidents' Day has finally found its way back onto our calendars. While the Founding Fathers never fathomed a world where we could listen to their biographies and anecdotes from little nubs in our ears, years of technological advances have made it possible. While you probably insist and even enjoy listening to sociopathic true crime podcasts instead of historical ones (we're sure Benny Franks is still proud of you), there's even more your ear gadgets can do for you. 

Speaking of head-turning technology, the CLIK S translation earbuds by Mymanu are a great way to communicate with someone who speaks a tongue different than your own, all while never letting your ritual listening to that creepy podcast go dark. Lucky for you, these innovative translation earbuds are on sale for only $115.99 with this Presidents' Day discount. Don't wait to score these dual-purpose earphones though, as this sale ends February 20.

Where normal earbuds are subpar at best while playing your Spotify playlist, the Mymanu CLIK S do it better, and with plenty more features. Not only will you score up to 30 hours of crystal-clear sound on HD music, calls, and notifications, but the CLIK S model also includes a translation function for over 37 languages (which is non-exhaustive, but still impressive). 

The translation function works by using the MyJuno app to help you speak, write, and communicate with people all around the globe (over 2 billion, actually) in real time. They can be a great tool for both one-on-one conversations or group conversations if you're using these buds in settings like business meetings. If you get a little stuck on some of those conjugations, or you're just feeling a little language-lazy, you can always refer back to the included phrasebook and dictionary. 

If you need a little extra kick in the pants to grab these innovative earbuds, maybe its impressive 5 out of 5-star rating and honoree status from the 2019 CES Innovation Awards will inspire you. One user raved that the CLIK S were "a great improvement on the translation. Now faster than before and the sound is great." Definitely sounds like a ringing endorsement to us.

Start speaking like a local and grab the Mymanu CLIK S Translation Earbuds now for $115.99 (reg. $220). Act fast though, since this deal ends February 20.

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