Dead Rising 5 prototype footage leaks

Don't get too excited! Dead Rising as a series is still, well, dead. Despite the ill-received Dead Rising 4 being the last entry in the series for now, a Dead Rising 5 featuring the return of Dead Rising 2 protagonist Chuck Greene evidently as made it as far as the playable prototype stage. Footage of the game, tentatively titled Dead Rising: Dia de los Muertos, was recently posted by a level designer who had worked on it. The videos in question show off a tiny slice of the Mexico setting, as well as demonstrating a few rough mechanics. However, they date back to 2017, just a year after the release of Dead Rising 4, meaning that by now the project has more than likely been scrapped entirely. If there's a silver lining to this grim news, it's that the first few Dead Rising games were designed for nigh-infinite replayability – do we really need a new one when we can keep jumping back into the Willamette Mall time and time again?