Pus*y-flavored kettle chips

Chazz, an unconventional baked chips company based in Lithuania, wants people to talk, date, and bone over practicing abstinence. Quoting research that says "millennials are having 3 times less sex than their parents at the same age," they offer a solution: figure out what spices vulva tastes like and make pussy-flavored kettle chips to draw attention to this "disastrous trend." What are in these things? "56% potatoes, rapeseed oil, maltodextrin, salt, onions, garlic, sugar, cream powder, yeast extract, natural flavouring, acidity regulator (sodium acetate), lemon powder (lemon juice powder, natural flavouring), parsley, black pepper, natural sour cream flavouring, antioxidant (citric acid), bay leaves." Wow, bold claim. That's what they think it tastes like?

Pussy flavored chips are:

a) Chips with unique taste FOR BRAVE and FREE people. After tasting it, you will remember your wildest love adventures, your first real love, and maybe even lose your oral virginity…

b) A great GIFT for the one you love, cause to initiate a romantic evening, or just simple delight for your taste buds and fun chat about sex;

c) Perfect WAY to test you friends' courage, openness, and sense of humour. 

P.S. For girls and women: if this or previous year you were pleased by someone, it is very likely that you have directly contributed to the creation of this taste. 

Yes, they offer dick-flavored chips too.