How much does it cost for an order of fish and chips if you don't get the fish and you hold the chips?

Ignore the fact that only 9 percent of the items on the Fish and Chips menu here include both fish and chips, I'm still trying to figure out the costs. Chips seem to add £1.90 to every other Fish & Chip option (regardless of its fishiness), but if you order chips without the chips, then they only cost £1.90 — yet, if you add chips to your chips (which is presumably one whole order of chips, rather than 2), then it only adds £0.50 to the standard cost that you would otherwise pay for the null set of chips.

Am I doing this right?

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Celebrity chef attempts DIY Pringles

Pringles are my favorite chip. In this Bon Appétit video, chef Claire Saffitz attempts to make them herself. Even if she nailed the form and the flavor, I don't think her technique would scale in my household. Admittedly, once I pop, I can't stop. Read the rest

Pretty-looking, RFID-blocking passport and ID card sleeves

I got a new Passport and Passport card, time for new RFID sleeves.

The new REAL ID stuff in the US is a pain. My California drivers license still doesn't emit any RF I know of, but my US Passport, Passport card and a few other forms of government ID I sometimes carry do.

This lovely-to-look-at set includes 10 card sized sleeves and 2 passport for $7.29. More than I'll likely need.

Credit Card Holder Protector Passport Holder Protector Sleeves 10 RFID Credit Card Sleeves, 2 RFID Passport Sleeves via Amazon

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1966 chip commercial racist, then terrifying

Come to see how far we have come since the crude ethnic stereotypes of the 1960s, stay for HAL 9000's explanation of chips. [via r/videos] Read the rest

This single potato chip costs $11

Swedish brewery S:t Eriks created a box of fancy potato chips that costs 499 kr (~$56). There are five chips in each box. Obviously a marketing/fundraising gimmick, but they certainly sound like quite the artisanal chip. Ingredients include: matsutake, truffle seaweed, crown dill, Leksand onion, India Pale Ale wort, and potatoes gathered from a "hillside in Ammarnäs, a steep, stony slope in a south-facing location where almond potatoes are cultivated in very limited numbers."

They made just 100 boxes and sadly they have all sold out (with proceeds going to charity). Oh well, there are always Pringles.

S:t Eriks Chips (via Weird Universe)

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