After 3rd grader at Texas elementary school finds gun in bathroom, superintendent resigns

NRA-loving Texas has flubbed again when it comes to guns and elementary schools. This time, a superintendent left his gun in a Rising Star Elementary School bathroom, only to be found by a third-grader — who had recently moved from Uvalde.

And as if Ted Cruz's beloved armed school officials weren't incompetent enough, a teacher then allegedly asked another child to check and see if the gun was real. (And no, this is not The Onion.)

After more than three weeks, however, the now former superintendent, Robby Stuteville, has finally resigned. No word on the teacher's status.

Fortunately nobody was injured or killed this time around.

From WJHL on Feb. 18:

Giovanni Mata, father of a Rising Star student, said his son Leighton was one of the students that discovered the firearm. …

"So the teacher asked another kid, my son… 'Can you go see if it's a real gun?' Why would you send a kid? Why not send someone else," Mata expressed.

The incident took place in January, Rising Star Chief of Police Don Braly said his department was not made aware until recently, but an investigation is underway.

"Why, we as parents, had to find out about it through the news. It only makes the school seem like they have something to hide," one parent stated.

Some felt the issue was being over-emphasized, even addressing their crowd of fellow parents to reprimand.

"How many of your kids have access to guns in your own home? A bunch of you, including mine. I think it's a mistake and I think that you pointing fingers at him for doing something like this is wrong," a parent said to the crowd.

But for Mata who recently moved to Rising Star from Uvalde, the incident hits a little too close to home to just be swept under the rug.

And from Big Country Homepage:

Rising Star's superintendent has resigned days after parents in the district learned he left a firearm unattended in a school bathroom for a 3rd grader to find.

District staff confirmed Superintendent Robby Stuteville submitted his resignation from Rising Star ISD effective immediately Monday, February 20.

Tuesday, February 21, the Rising Star ISD Board of Trustees is holding an emergency meeting to discuss Stuteville's resignation and take appropriate action, including the matter of appointing an acting superintendent.