15-year-old student makes a fool out of Bill O'Reilly on his own show

Boulder High School is under lockdown after reports of someone with a gun on or near campus. There are no reported injuries. As someone who attended Boulder High School, this news hits close to home. However, in the midst of this tension, I came across a funny tweet by Sanho Tree from the Institute for Policy Studies. He recounted the time a 15-year-old student made a fool of disgraced sex pest Bill O'Reilly on his own show back in 2007.

The incident in question happened when O'Reilly had two Boulder High School students on his show to talk about a controversial event where a panel discussed sex and drugs with students. The principal had to apologize about the event, saying the things that the panelists told the kids were inappropriate. One of the kids on the show said he was offended by the panelists' discussion. The other kid said the public had the wrong idea about the event and that the panelists actually offered good information. This enraged O'Reilly to the point that he made up lies about what one of the panelists said. But the kid did his homework and calmy debunked O'Reilly's mendacious bullshit. The kid even read from O'Reilly's own book of moralizing advice for kids, which revealed that O'Reilly's attitude toward drugs was the same as the guy O'Reilly was misquoting. The kid even earned O'Reilly's favorite insult of "pinhead."