Crispy and friends have a cat-nip hotbox party

I was curious whether or not cats could see and follow (tobacco) smoke as it billowed and clouded and what they might think as it dissipated and disappeared into the air. Were they confused, intrigued, or indifferent? Did they scoff because nothing compares to seeing ghosts?

The Interweb did not disappoint. I came across this video of Crispy and friends sniffing a catnip tea-filled humidifier. As the video proceeds, Crispy gets excited and encourages the humidifier to omit more smoke. Crispy then invites some friends over, and then, all of a sudden, there are four, then five cats in the sesh.

It's a feline hotbox party. They turn into meerkats standing on their hind legs, licking up into the mist of cat nip vapor. They get testy. Then high, roll over, dance, and stare off into the nether regions. And testy, again.

As the cannabis industry expands its product options and vaporizing becomes more popular and portable, it is also healthier; these cats are definitely into vaporizing – for the health aspects. The catnip brings joy.

So, to answer my original question of whether or not cats can see smoke, I have to conclude that yes, they can, and that vapor is smoke. If there is a reason to follow the smoke–to get high–they have all the necessary capacities. The nose knows.