Glass Onion is getting a director's commentary track

As the streaming wars progress, several consumers are beginning to regret Hollywood's decision to stop prioritizing physical media. One of the main draws behind joining a streaming service was the immense library you could access. However, in recent weeks, we've seen that streaming services have no problem dumping an entire series from their platform with little to no ceremony

In addition to the permanence offered by owning a DVD collection, the format also afforded viewers an amazing feature that has essentially disappeared in the streaming era. Now that streaming is king; the industry has done away with the DVD director's commentary. 

In an attempt to reverse the trend, Rian Johnson has partnered with Netflix to release a commentary track for his new movie Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery. As one of the most visionary filmmakers working in the field, hopefully, Johnson will inspire other directors to revive the director's commentary. 

Rian Johnson will peel back the layers of Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery in a director's commentary that will stream on Netflix. Johnson, who wrote and directed the sequel to his 2019 whodunnit Knives Out, told TheWrap in December that he hoped the Netflix-exclusive streaming release would eventually make its way to physical media, complete with audio commentary. "I hope we'll have a physical disc, but at the very least, when it releases on Netflix — even if it's just me recording my own thing — I'm gonna figure out some way to get that out there," Johnson said. 

For the first film, Johnson tweeted a link to his "in-theater commentary," a self-recorded audio commentary that enabled Knives Out moviegoers to listen to while watching on the big screen. But with the Oscar-nominated Glass Onion streaming exclusively on Netflix after a limited theatrical run, fans will be able to hear Johnson's "how"-dunnit going inside the making of his whodunnit from their own homes.