Netflix grows out of Arrested Development: Streaming service to remove series from its library

Netflix is getting out of the Arrested Development business. As Netflix was evolving from a streaming service into a production studio, the company aimed to garner a host of goodwill for its future projects by reviving the critically acclaimed comedy series Arrested Development. Initially, the move seemed like a brilliant one, as it allowed the streaming service to seem savvy and hip; however, the revival series didn't quite stick the landing. 

Even though the show's second run didn't live up to expectations, fans of Arrested Development's first handful of seasons could always count on Netflix hosting the series in perpetuity, right? According to The AV Club, Netflix is going to dump Arrested Development from its library. Even though Netflix is losing Arrested Development, things aren't as bad as they appear. Sure, one stream of income may have dried up for the Bluth family, but remember, "there's always money in the banana stand."

As we've all learned extensively over the last year, streaming services can and will unceremoniously remove any series from their library at the drop of a hat—even the critic darlings and once-saved series. Over at Netflix, Arrested Development's time on the streaming platform is apparently coming to a close in the next month, with the last day to view the Emmy-winning series set for March 14.

While Netflix absolutely depleted Arrested Development's value with the production of the dismal fourth and fifth seasons, seasons one through three still offer a plethora of comedic gold nearly two decades later. So, after reviving the series once canceled by Fox, churning out a terrible revival, and then canceling the show again, Netflix will now truly lay Arrested Development to rest in its library.