Keep your room moist with this discounted humidifier

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If you are interested in a humidifier but you don't want to spend a fortune on one, you are in luck! Right now you can buy the handy tool at a huge discount. The VYSN MiniPure 300ml Portable USB Cool Mist Humidifier is available for an 83% markdown, costing only $24.99 right now.

The VYSN MiniPure Humidifier features a whisper-quiet operation that is less than 30 decibels to make sure that it only provides you with peace. A top-fill design was made with efficiency in mind so it is super easy to clean and refill when you need to. Additionally, you have the choice between two different mist levels, one that offers a continuous spray, and another with intermittent spraying, which can be easily controlled by a sensitive touch bottom. Finally, it automatically shuts down whenever the water level is low.

There is no shortage of great reasons to invest in a humidifier. According to Insider, "Humidifiers can help prevent you from getting sick by adding moisture to the air. In particular, research has found that humidifiers can help protect against the flu." Insider additionally notes that, "Humidifiers can also reduce snoring from nasal congestion by helping loosen mucus blocking your airway." Medical News Today states that humidifiers can help with coughs, saying, "Adding humidity to the air can get more moisture into the airways, which can make a cough more productive. A productive cough releases trapped or sticky phlegm." It also notes that humidifiers can help with dry skin, "Using a humidifier to add moisture to the indoor air may help to reduce the occurrence of dry, cracked skin."

Right now you can get yourself a great humidifier with the VYSN MiniPure 300ml Portable USB Cool Mist Humidifier for just $24.99. That's an 83% markdown from its MSRP of $149.

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