Thrift store shopper scored unpublished photo of JFK's motorcade just before the assassination

George Rebeles was thrift shopping in Ferris, Texas when he thought he had scored a CD copy of Bachman Turner Overdrive's The Anthology. When he opened the case much later, he found someone's Polaroid of President John F Kennedy's Jr. riding in a convertible in a motorcade. The Polaroid was dated 11-22-63, the day that JFK was assassinated in Dallas, Texas. Rebeles says he hasn't decided whether to keep the Polaroid or sell it. I hope he investigates those verrrrrry suspicious people in the background though. From UPI:

Farris Rookstool III, a former FBI analyst and JFK historian, said the photo appears to have been snapped as the motorcade left Love Field, a good distance from the location of the assassination.

"I just hope that someone will look at this and say, 'You know what, this is pretty nice to have something from history, to see something that no one has seen in probably 60 years,'" Rookstool said.

Rebeles said he hasn't yet decided whether to keep the photo or try to sell it to a collector.