Transform your house into a smart home for only $15.99 with a voice-controlled light switch

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If you've ever been to a house with smart lighting, you know how cool it is. With just a simple voice command or press of a button on a phone, you can brighten a room, dim the lights, or simply turn them on or off. This feature makes it feels like you're suddenly in the future. Of course, it takes a lot of work to switch out your light switches for smart ones…or does it?

That's not the case with Switchmate. This tool is the first of its kind, and is a smart light switch that goes over your existing wall plates to transform them into voice-controlled smart lighting, all without rewiring your current system or swapping out your lightbulbs. Best of all, it's on sale. Typically retailing for $29, it's now available for $15.99 during our Refurbished Event through February 23. 

Here's how it works. You place the Switchmate over an existing light switch. It takes just a click to set it up, as the Switchmate adheres through magnets. No tools or complicated instruction manual here! Plus, because there are no screws, Switchmate is perfect for renters or homeowners who are reluctant to make any permanent alterations, but want to make the transition to a smart home.

From there, you can set up Switchmate's features and functions on your phone through its companion app, Amazon Alexa, or Google Home. Go directly into the app to tap to customize, set voice commands to control how your lights appear, and even set timers for your lights so Switchmate knows when you arrive home or need ambient lighting.

It's so simple to use, and an incredibly convenient addition to your home. With voice-controlled smart lighting, you can save time (no need to walk around the house checking every light switch), customize your lighting in each room for any occasion or time of day, and simply avoid extra hassle, as EvolvedHabitat notes.

It's never been easier to have customized lighting, or a smart home. Grab a refurbished Switchmate 2.0 Smart Switch now for just $15.99. But hurry, as this sale ends February 23.

Prices subject to change.