Say goodbye to static shock for good with this keychain, now 61% off

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Static shock is the kind of sudden, sharp pain that can leave you reeling. Sure, it may not actually be harmful to humans in the long run, but it's still such an uncomfortable sensation that we'd love to avoid it for good. Luckily for us all, there's now an easy way to accomplish that: Use the Double Discharge Anti-Static Keychain.

This simple and unique tool absorbs static shock for you, so you never have to experience it again. Best of all, a three-pack of the Double Discharge Anti-Static Keychain is now on sale: Typically retailing for $38, it's now available for $14.95 for a limited time only. That's a 61% discount — no coupons necessary!

Here's how this item regularly saves the day: The Anti-Static Keychain is a small, slender implement that you can use to tap surfaces that typically lead to electric shocks. Think door knobs, computers, car handles, and other metal objects, for example. With that simple tap, which neutralizes the surface and eliminates the static electricity, you know you're safe to go ahead and physically touch it yourself.

Of course, almost any item can cause a static shock and anyone can be prone to them, as Arizona Central reports, but this is a great way to avoid the major causes of the unbearable zapping sensation.

Clearly, this is an incredibly useful keychain, but it's nice to look at, too. We love how sleek and stylish it is! Plus, it's lightweight and easy to carry with you. You'll be able to hold your keys and tackle static electricity everywhere you go. What's not to love?

Make static shock a thing of the past with a tool that's both useful and affordable. Get a three-pack of the Double Discharge Anti-Static Keychain for only $14.95 now.

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