The Wolf Among Us 2 Delayed

Telltale's The Wolf Among Us (not to be confused with a more popular game) proved to be a cult hit upon its initial release – think film noir set in an R-rated version of Shrek's satirical fairy tale world. Even now, it consistently ranks among Telltale's best games, although for my money, Tales from the Borderlands is their all-time greatest effort. Telltale has been through a few trials and tribulations in recent years, bankruptcy included, but is coming back in (allegedly) full force to put out a sequel. After its reveal in 2022 with a promised release date of 2023, the game has been delayed to 2024 to avoid the unfortunate crunch culture of the gaming industry. If it means it's easier on the workers, I'm more than happy to wait a few more months – the last thing anyone wants is another Cyberpunk.