Marjorie Taylor Greene panics about her brainwashed voters getting brainwashed (video)

A panicky Marjorie Taylor Greene says the brainwashed are getting brainwashed.

The Georgia Q-nut complained that so-called "news" channels like OAN, Newsmax, and Fox — which peddle conspiracies like the "Covid hoax" and "2020 stolen election" trumpery — aren't getting fair treatment by television providers.

"If we don't have strong conservative media companies continually push our information, our ideas, and our solutions, then we are going to have mass media brainwashing," she fretted, worried that all of her duped MAGA followers might become lie detectors after a good scrub-down. (See video below, posted by Patriot Takes.) She can call it brainwashing, but most would call it cleaning up someone else's mess.