Matt Gaetz says MAGA needs to get rid of moderates and become the "fighting party" (video)

As the GOP House continues to burn, with Moscow Marge fanning the flames, Florida Congresscreep Matt Gaetz tells Kimberly Guilfoyle he approves of all the Republican in-fighting. In fact, he says to hell with moderates — MAGA needs to be a "fighting party."

"I need backup in Congress. It's not enough having just a small handful of us fighting for the president, fighting to expose these lies and all of this corruption," said the unseemly Florida man, whose zest for fighting led Republicans to oust Republican speaker Kevin McCarthy last fall.

"We can not go back to the days of Mitch McConnells and the Paul Ryans and the Kevin McCarthys," he continued. "We've got to have this new fired-up populism and this America First energy." In other words, the gun-toting, hate-spewing, anti-freedoms party needs to fight off every last Republican "moderate" so that Trump's "bloodbath" can become a reality. Welcome to MAGA. (See video below, posted by Biden-Harris HQ.)