Border Patrol informs Marjorie Taylor Greene a ball they found is not a Cartel planted explosive

Weeks after Border Patrol found a ball filled with sand and duct-taped together Georgia's congressperson Marjorie Taylor Greene attempted to tell the Homeland Security Committee it was a bomb. According to MTG, this ball of sand is proof drug cartels are something something something, however, Border Patrol wants you to know it was not that.


Greene highlighted her claim about this so-called threat in a question to Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz during a Wednesday Homeland Security Committee hearing in Texas. However, Ortiz didn't clarify the matter when speaking to lawmakers. Afterward, Greene repeated her claim via a tweet, along with a picture of the alleged device, accusing "the Cartel" of "planting bombs" and "murdering Americans everyday through drugs and crime."

Fox News national correspondent Bill Melugin shared the tweet, adding that he had spoken to a "high-level CBP source" that said the object was a fake. "While it appeared nefarious, I'm told it did not contain any explosives," he tweeted.

Shortly afterward, Ortiz chimed in with a tweet.

"Today, I testified before the Committee on Homeland Security & it was alleged that Agents found an explosive device near the border," he wrote, sharing the same image Greene posted. "During a Jan. briefing, leadership was notified that Agents found a duct-taped ball filled with sand that wasn't deemed a threat to agents/public."

Notable is that this claim was so bogus even Fox felt the need to expose it.