Modern day MacGyver makes vacuum tubes from scratch

Seattle-area maker jdflyback creates hand-made vacuum tubes and shares his process via amazing YouTube videos. I first learned of jdflyback via Fretboard Journal's "Truth About Vintage Amps" podcast, where the world-wide guitar amp community tunes in to learn about all-things vacuum tubes. I met this amazing maker at a local FJ meet up where he showed me his creations.

I'm impressed not just by his self-taught skills of fabrication, welding and glass blowing, but also his insanely clever resourcefulness.  He creates his own tools, which are specialized just for his process. A power drill is repurposed as a sort of glass lathe for flaring glass tubing. He made his own spot welder from various electronic components. He's a modern MacGyver on retro-tech mission!

Watch jdflyback scratchbuild a tube on…YouTUBE!

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