Minnesota Senator: "I'm not a historian of Minnesota, but I do understand that the genocides between white people and Indians included several genocides each way."

Not content with being a child hunger denier, Minnesota State Sen. Steve Drazkowski (R) wants children in his state to be as ignorant of history as he is by preventing them from being taught about genocide against Native Americans in the state.

His attempt at rewriting history involves blocking SF 2442, a bill that aims to teach middle and high school students about the Holocaust and genocides. Drazkowski doesn't let his self-processed ignorance get in the way of spouting ahistorical "both-sides" nonsense about white settlers dying in genocidal slaughters perpetrated by Native Americans.

"You know — and I grew up in Wisconsin, so I'm not a historian of Minnesota," he said on the senate floor, "but I do understand that the genocides between the white people and the Indians going back included, kind of several genocides each way."

Perhaps Drazkowski should take a cue from his own words and leave history lessons to history teachers.

Thumbnail image: photo.ua/shutterstock.com