Listen to a touching interview from Oscar winner Ke Huy Quan when he was only 12

Some people have a life story that beggars belief. Last weekend's 95th Academy Awards ceremony was a story that was filled with redemption. After fading away from the public eye for years, Hollywood's best and brightest decided to finally praise an incredibly underrated member of the film industry. Oh, and Brendan Fraser was there too. 

No, that's just a joke, folks. Although, you have to admit that Ke Huy Quan and Brendan Fraser's dual Oscar victories have quite a few parallels. And that's not accounting for their roles in Encino Man, which now has an improbable number of Oscar winners in its cast. However, despite how touching Fraser's win was, Ke Huy Quan's harrowing journey from immigrant to Oscar winner is- as he so brilliantly said during his acceptance speech- the American dream. In the video linked above, you can check out a young Ke Huy Quan talking about his career.