Save over 50% on the Microsoft Surface Go 1, perfect for students on the go

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There is no greater inconvenience than having to lug around a heavy bag of supplies. Whether you're an art kid hauling materials or a college student heaving textbooks and a laptop from place to place. Shouldn't you be able to travel with ease? The Microsoft Surface Go 1 is designed with those on the go in mind. Plus, as a refurbished model it means you get all of its great 2-in-1 benefits at half the price!

Built with portability in mind, the Surface Go 1's sleek and lightweight design makes it easy to toss in your bag and hit the road without so much as a second thought. Release its kickback stand and set up shop at your local cafe or get some photo-editing done on the train ride home, the Surface Go lineup is designed to make your job easier.

Combined with the features of a tablet and a laptop, you can download your favorite apps and browse the web with its full 10" touch-screen display and add-on accessories, such as the detachable keyboard, mouse, and pen.

With a mission to achieve more, Microsoft works to create devices to suit every person's needs. This means a potential solution for creators and students who require a powerful, all-in-one device that won't break your back and the bank. As an affordable, versatile, and flexible model, the refurbished Surface Go 1 can fit into your busy lifestyle so you can stay organized and productive. 

Plus, for Android and Pixel users alike, the Surface Go 1 utilizes USB-C charging, making powering up your devices all the more convenient compared to where we originally started

But don't let its compact size fool you. Designed with the powerful Intel Pentium Gold processor and 8GB of Ram, this laptop can handle demanding tasks from digital drawing to running multiple programs at once so you don't waste time worrying about lagging and can focus on work.

It also features 128GB of storage for plenty of versions of your final project, so don't sweat it—you have space.

The next time you're up late cramming for an exam at the library or in the break room at work, skip the pens, notebooks, and textbooks and go digital with a refurbished Microsoft's Surface Go 1 for just $266.99.

Prices subject to change.