The fennec fox is the cutest animal on the planet

The fennec fox is so freaking cute I literally cannot stand it. It far exceeds the 1-10 scale on my cute creature rating. It's literally off the charts. I just cannot explain how cute it is—you must see for yourself.

Check out this video all about the adorable fennec fox, which are tiny foxes common across the Sahara desert. Fennec foxes have developed ENORMOUS ears as an adaptation to the extreme temperatures—both hot and cold—that they must endure in the desert. They also have beige coats that help deflect heat from the sun, and thick fur and bushy tails to keep them warm at night. Their tiny paws are also covered with fur to protect them from the hot sand. They are tiny—as the world's smallest canid, they are even smaller than Chihuahuas. They have super efficient kidneys and don't need much water to survive—in fact, they can get all the water they need from their prey and from the dew that collects at night inside their dens. They are also the most social fox in the world. Unlike other foxes, they mate for life and live with their fox families in packs of up to ten other foxes. To learn more about the fennec fox and to see more of their adorable ears and tiny bodies, watch this great video by Animalogic.

Cute creature rating: 25/10