The wonderfully-animated music video for "Worms" by Ashnikko

The music video for genre-bending pop singer Ashnikko's song Worms contains some pretty badass animation. Each shot is rich in detail, and the creativity that went into the character design is off the charts. The animation, although digitally rendered, looks like a stop motion film. I love the hand-made look to the spunky monsters in the video as well as the gloomy, post-apocalyptic setting that Ashnikko is driving through. The song itself is awesome, too!

"Speaking about the video, director Raman Djafari says: "I wanted to create a vast world that stretches way beyond the bounds of this one music video, like there's an abundance of stories waiting to be told. I indulged my love for creature design and developed dozens of individual characters, monsters, robots and a huge monster truck. It was important to me to bring the world around this album to life, with a richness that reflects the depth of the music and lyrics."

(screenshot from youtube)