GOP Rep Claudia Tenney says Trump should avoid appearing in court, and the criminal case will "blow over"

Rep. Claudia Tenney (R-NY) revealed a foolproof legal strategy for her favorite cult leader, Donald Trump. When Trump is called into court, she advises him to stay home, eat McDonald's, and watch his legal troubles evaporate into thin air.

Tenney shared her brilliant gambit with a dubious NewsMax host. "It's really the worst of our system on display here," she said. "And it's unfortunate, but I think this is all going to blow over because I don't see any way that they're actually going to get Donald Trump to appear in a court for indictment or any type of charge. So I think again, this is grandstanding."

In a world where showing up to court is apparently optional, Tenney's strategy is the equivalent of hiding from your problems under the covers and hoping they'll disappear.

Look for her upcoming "Masterclass for Fugitives" on the Sovereign Citizen Rumble Channel soon!