The "Diaper Don" phenomenon: MAGAs rally for Vonshitzinpants

Trying to get out ahead of stories that adjudicated rapist Donald Trump is a leaky, stinky, sleepy old man, MAGAs have a new superhero: Diaper Don.

MAGAs are cheering on "Diaper Don" at rallies. Wearing tee shirts and hats that declare their love for the incontinent one. Some even have banners to wave in support of their sleeping, flatulent criminal defendant. Meanwhile, CNN's Jake Tapper reported on Trump's former lawyer, Michael Cohen's, nickname for the former President: "Vonshitinpants."

After noticing a trend of pro Donald diaper merch at rallies throughout this year, I hit up President Trump's latest event in rural Pennsylvania last weekend with the express purpose of seeing if his faithful were still flying their diaper flag. And let me tell you, it did not disappoint.

Not only were there tons of diaper hats, shirts, stickers and actual diapers themselves, but one group had a massive probably six foot "Diaper Don" Flag that they were waving in line.

What makes this even more interesting is that only a few days later NYTimes reporter Maggie Habberman reported a "strange smell" coming from the courtroom during jury selection of Trump's New York hush money trial. Coincidence? Maybe. But either way, I think what makes this so interesting is the MAGA-faithful getting ahead of the story of Trump's diaper wearing rumors and turning it around to own it.

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via C&L