Hundreds of odd and unordered Uber Eats deliveries showing up in Los Angeles and New Westminster, Canada neighborhoods

Single donuts, cups of KFC gravy, individual bottles of water, and hundreds of other odd orders have been delivered by Uber Eats in neighborhoods of Los Angeles and Westminster, British Columbia. Nobody has fessed up to placing the orders although apparently they've been paid for by someone. From CBC:

 The name of the sender isn't included and there are no specific addresses or unit numbers attached — only generic addresses for multiple townhouse and condo buildings[…] 

[Westminster resident] Geoff McLennan says the unwanted food deliveries reached their peak this past Thursday with dozens of deliveries piled up in front of doors and condo buildings. 

"Somebody sent me a photo of their front porch where animals had gotten in the McDonald's bag and the food was everywhere," McLennan said[…]

Uber said the reports of unsolicited deliveries are "concerning." A company spokesperson was not made available for an interview but said in a statement that Uber has banned accounts related to recent orders and "will not hesitate to take additional action if the unsolicited orders continue."

Hughes says she contacted the New Westminster Police Department about the orders but was told police are not able to address the issue.

Seems like Uber could identify the culprit and perhaps they have as residents say the deliveries have ceased.