California man shocked to see a bag of trash waddle up to his porch — until it steals a package (video)

A California homeowner was shocked when he looked at his security camera and saw a stuffed garbage bag shuffling up to his house. But when the bag bent over and swiped a package, he realized the waddling waste was actually a porch pirate.

"At first, I thought they were messing with me," he told ABC10 last week, no pun intended. But it turned out, the dirty trickster made out with a couple of phone chargers worth only $10.

Fortunately, the homeowner has a ripe sense of humor. "At first, I was kind of angry because it was something I was expecting. But at the end of the day, it was kind of funny," he said. "I take everything in the good way because that's part of life. If you see the bad way of everything, you're going nowhere." It sure stinks, but at least he was able to make the best out of a trashy situation. (See video below, posted by CBS8.)

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