DoorDash driver caught on camera spitting on food after getting a small tip (video)

A Miami DoorDash driver who wasn't happy with his tip was caught on camera spitting three times on the food he delivered. (See video below, posted by Mike Sington.)

The customer was 13 years old who was ordering food for himself and his mom. While the driver in the video says he wasn't left a tip, the boy said he left $3 and thought that was enough for a half mile drive, according to NBC6. Leaving no tip is unacceptable, and whether or not $3 is a good enough tip is up for debate, but spitting in retaliation? Disgusting.

"I wanted to vomit, because who does that?" the boy told NBC.

DoorDash released one of those unapologetic apologies to "make things right": "While we empathize with the frustration of not receiving a tip, this behavior is unacceptable and falls far below the high quality experience we aim to provide. We have removed the Dasher from our platform and have reached out to the customer directly to help make things right."

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