Musk gloats over Twitter's new poop emoji auto-responder

Twitter doesn't need a press relations department to answer journalists' questions because they have Elon Musk and a poop emoji. One is full of crap, and the other symbolizes it. All inbound emails to press@twitter get a smiling poop emoji response and nothing else.

I sent them a quick email to see what would happen:

So there you have it.


Twitter's communications team has been effectively silent since November, when it was reportedly decimated in the layoffs that CEO Elon Musk implemented after buying the company.

That means it hasn't responded to journalists' questions about any of the developments that have happened since — from the layoffs and mass resignations themselves to major changes to the user experience to a series of controversies involving Musk and his announcement that he will eventually step down.

Going forward it will automatically reply to journalist's inquiries with a single poop emoji, Musk announced — via tweet, of course — on Sunday.