A look back at 1998's Wild Things, "increasingly appreciated as a slice of wanton sleaze"

On its 25 anniversary, The Independent's Tom Fordy interviewed the directors and other principles of the noir erotic thriller, Wild Things, starring Neve Cambell, Denise Richards, Matt Dillon, Kevin Bacon, and BIll Murray.

In the story, two Florida teens from opposite sides of the tracks – bitchy socialite offspring Kelly (Denise Richards) and swamp-dwelling trailer trash Suzie (Neve Campbell) – accuse their dishy guidance counsellor Sam Lombardo (Matt Dillon) of rape. Lombardo is then investigated by dodgy cop Ray Duquette (Kevin Bacon).

"I was lying in bed reading the script and I could see it coming that Matt Dillon was falsely accused," recalls McNaughton. "I thought, OK this is some TV movie, I know where this is going, so I skipped ahead to the last three pages." But the end was so unexpected that McNaughton had "no f***ing idea" how the story had played out across the pages in between. "I thought, I have to go back and read this!" he says, laughing. "I love reading a script where I don't see it coming and think, man, I haven't seen this story before."