Man in Alabama steps out of car to watch cracks forming on ground — then bridge collapses (video)

It might not be a good time to drive around LaFayette, Alabama, at least according to an "impassable travel advisory" sent out to residents a few days ago by Chambers County. The warning was sent out around the time a bridge collapsed, which was caught on video by Myles Welch (see below, posted by Storyful).

Welch had been driving around with his father to check out flood damage in the area, when he came upon the bridge and saw its sign had fallen off, according to Storyful. Stepping out of the car, he then noticed the ground starting to crack and whipped out his camera — just in time to catch dramatic footage of the bridge buckle in half, with a massive chunk falling into the creek below.

Although the advisory has since been lifted, around a dozen bridges — including this one, obviously — remain closed.

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