Public housing intern grew weed in dead tenants' homes

In Amsterdam, Ymere, a non-profit public housing organization, is suing a former intern for allegedly using the homes of dead tenants to grow cannabis. Apparently when a tenant died, the young man, then 19-years-old, collected their keys but didn't end the rental agreements. From NL Times:

 Subsequent rent payments went through money mules' bank accounts, but sometimes also through his or his brother's. For several months, the young man grew cannabis in twelve Ymere homes in this way […]

"We not only had police raids in the homes but also burglaries after the cannabis plantations were discovered. All the necessities for a plantation had been removed from one of the houses. Written on the mirror was: You're late, wankers. As a housing corporation, this is frustrating. Homes had to be repaired, and that takes time. Time during which no one could live there," Ymere's lawyer said in court.

Ymere is demanding 150,000 euros in lost rent.