Ex-prosecutor reveals Biden's secret agenda to get Americans high on weed "so they can't recognize that the country's falling apart"

Recently, the Biden administration requested that the Drug Enforcement Administration consider removing cannabis from the Schedule I category. This category is reserved for drugs that are believed to have no accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse. The request reflects changing attitudes towards cannabis in society and medical research. If successful, it could lead to more extensive research, medical use, and potentially pave the way for nationwide decriminalization or legalization.

However, Sean Duffy, a former prosecutor and reality TV personality, appeared on Fox News to share very important news! Biden's request to reduce the criminality of cannabis is part of a sinister plot. He warned, "It's about getting people high and on drugs so they can't recognize that the country is falling apart," to a pretend-concerned Laura Ingraham.

Duffy continued by saying, "There's no jobs," ignoring the fact that the current unemployment rate is at a rock-bottom 3.9%/

He added, "There's no opportunity. And prices keep going up, and if you're numb and dumb, and you're stoned out, you're gonna be okay with that, as opposed to someone who's cognizant looking at what Joe Biden has done to their family and their economy, they're gonna go, hell no, I want someone else."

According to Duffy, the situation becomes even more ominous as he believes that the acceptance of marijuana is part of a larger, more insidious "Pagan" agenda. He claims that stoned Pagans are plotting to take over the country from the God-fearing Christian population, who eschew pot and maintain their mental clarity with Miller Lite and benzodiazepines as God intended.

He stated, "It's the fact that we used to be a Christian nation, and we used to have morality, and the fact that we're sliding into this paganism where we're pushing abortion and drug use, so people are, to your point, numb and dumb is outrageous, and moral, good people have to stand up and push back against these ridiculous policies."

All that we have between the United States and total devastation are patriotic Fox News viewers and the MAGA movement, both of which are immune to any kind of propaganda that would render them "numb and dumb."

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