Protestors flood the Tennessee Capitol demanding gun control: "Children are dead!"

Hundreds of protestors — including adults and children — poured into and outside of the Tennessee Capitol this morning, demanding something be done about gun laws. The angry demonstration comes three days after the Covenant elementary school shooting in Nashville that killed three nine-year-old children, three members of the school staff, and the shooter.

"Children are dead!" they shouted at lawmakers, along with other chants, such as "Gun Control, now!" and "Save our children!" (See video below, posted CBS Sunday Morning.)

From CBS:

Some silently filled the Senate chamber's gallery, including children who held signs reading "I'm nine" — a reference to the age of the three kids who died in Monday's attack. Most protesters were removed from the gallery after some began yelling down at the lawmakers, "Children are dead!"

Meanwhile, in the House, two Democratic lawmakers caused a temporary shutdown when they began yelling, "Power to the people" through a megaphone.    …

Thursday's rally was led by Metro Nashville Public Schools Parents, reported CBS affiliate WTVF, and those attending were asked to wear orange.

Front page thumbnail image: "Never Again" protest in 2018 after Marjorie Stoneman Douglas school shooting. K M H P H O T O V I D E O /