Another Tesla bursts into flames after a terrible incident

For unknown reasons, a Tesla with four passengers drove off Hollywood's Sunset Boulevard and hit a lamp post, then a tree, and subsequently burst into flame. The driver escaped before the car caught flame and disappeared into the night. Bystanders attempted to help free the remaining passengers, two were rushed to the hospital, and sadly one did not make it.


One person is dead and another two have been transported to the hospital — and a driver is on the run — after a Tesla went off road and burst into flames Monday morning.

The incident occurred around 2:30 a.m. at the corner Sunset Boulevard and Roxbury Road on the border of Hollywood and West Hollywood.

The LAPD says there was a total of four people in the vehicle, and the car burst into flames after going off road while traveling westbound on Sunset Boulevard, crashing into a lamp post and a tree.

The driver, the LAPD says, exited the car and fled the scene before it caught fire

Image: YouTube/Screen Grab