After dangerous gas pedal fiasco, Cybertruck gets 2 more recalls (thanks, Elon!)

Elon Musk's sloppy Cybertruck just issued two more recalls: 11,383 for loose trim that could fall off and cause hazardous road conditions, and 11,688 for a defective windshield wiper that could hurt visibility in wet weather.

The recalls come after Tesla recalled more than 4,000 Cybertrucks in April for a dangerous, slapped-together gas pedal that would get stuck while the vehicle was in motion (see incredible video about the gas pedal below, posted by el.chapito1985).

And the gas pedal fiasco came after reports in January revealing the monster truck's sharp door edges, which were compared to a guillotine for fingers. Speaking of guillotines, for $80,000-plus per truck, maybe Tesla's careless billionaire CEO should think twice about cutting anymore corners.

From The Verge:

Issues with the gigantic wiper had surfaced in owner forums in recent weeks and reportedly delayed Cybertruck deliveries on short notice. The NHTSA recall notice for the wiper says that "excessive electrical current can cause the front windshield wiper motor controller to fail." Tesla service will replace the wiper motor, free of charge. 

Regarding the trim, "Tesla service will apply adhesion promoter and pressure sensitive tape or replace missing applique as necessary, free of charge," according to a separate NHTSA notice.

Elon Musk once said that "we dug our own grave with Cybertruck." Last week, dozens of the polarizing Cybertrucks were defaced with the words "Fuck Elon" in black spray paint while parked in a public parking lot in advance of today's recalls.


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