Get inspired for cleaning your fridge with these Trader Joe's leftovers recipe ideas

I spent last weekend spring cleaning out my fridge and pantry. I found the dregs of a bottle of pomegranate juice that I've added to my sparkling water the last few days, to perk it up. I also found some almost-empty jars of chile crisp — a delicious addition to some recent rice dishes I've made. I also found a few wayward grilled artichokes at the bottom of a jar tucked way back in the corner of the fridge — they were still good, and very tasty when I needed a snack last night. It feels good to be using everything up, and enjoying some forgotten yummies. 

By complete coincidence, this article by Trader Joe's just appeared in my newsfeed — it features three recipes to help you with your fridge Spring cleaning: (1) Almost-Empty Mustard-Jar Dressing; (2) PB-Jar Overnight Oats, and (3) Jam-Jar Cocktail. The article explains:

Spring, the season of renewal, is always an excellent time for some tidying up, and that includes the contents of your fridge. Now, if you're anything like us, in the course of fridge-tidying, you may find yourself asking questions like, "What should I do with the last little bit of mustard?" "What's a quick way to use up this spoonful-and-a-half of strawberry jam?" "Surely there's a better way to finish off the peanut butter without just eating it directly from the jar, right?" (The answer to that last one might surprise you!) 

Good luck with your Spring cleaning! If you have any other recipe ideas or food suggestions, share them, please!