Echo is a beautiful and mesmerizing history of concert posters

ECHO: A Survey at 25 Years of Sound, Art, and Ink on Paper is a stunning new coffee table book celebrating the visual design of rock & roll. The book captures the history of Higher Ground, a renowned independent music venue in South Burlington, Vermont that's not only hosted a plethora of remarkable artists over the years, but also persists as a proud print shop for independent artisans. As Wilco's Jeff Tweedy writes in the forward, "What coheres in these images is the work of the music and art communities intertwined and invested in each other."

I mean… just look at this! The cover alone will suck you into a spiralized trance of rock n' roll euphoria!

The sprawling history of Higher Ground as a bastion of music and art unfolds quite literally from the fold-out pages here as well, with amps opening up to reveal a detailed look at silk-screening processes and more:

This is a book for fans of music and art, yes; but you can also tell that it's book created by musicians and artists who have a genuine passion for music and art beyond their own production. Even if you've never been to Higher Ground yourself, there's so much rich cultural history contained in these pages to explore.

Here's a little more about ECHO: A Survey at 25 Years of Sound, Art, and Ink on Paper: