Instructions for making a brick-perfect LEGO Nintendo Game Boy

LEGO master Nick Lever made this fantastic 1:1 model of the original Nintendo Game Boy. You can swap in cartridges he made including Pokémon RedPokémon Blue The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, and, of course, Tetris. From The Verge:

It's just 364 pieces, only 115 different parts, most of them common enough you can find 'em dirt cheap. Almost every recognizable facet of the Game Boy is represented, from the angled rice-grain Start / Select buttons to the distinctive tint of the screen — achieved here by placing lime green tiles underneath a trans-blue window.

The one exception to the "let's keep the build cheap" rule is that 6×6 lime green tile. "It used to be $0.40 but now they're sold out worldwide thanks to my stupid build," Lever tells The Verge. But he says you can simply use three 2×6 lime green tiles instead.

Lever is selling instructions to make your own for $5.65 at Rebrickable.