John Oliver reveals Chuck E. Cheese's dark history

In a hilarious web-exclusive called "Last Squeak Tonight," John Oliver of Last Week Tonight dives into the dark side of Chuck E. Cheese's, exposing the iconic family entertainment center's seedy underbelly. This hysterical exposé is nearly 30 minutes long and worth every minute. It'll have you questioning your next visit to the home of the pizza-loving rodent. Just kidding, you aren't going there anyway (are you?). (via Waxy)


"Our main story tonight concerns home ownership, so if you are under 35, honestly, this story isn't for you," Oliver said. "It'll never be for you. You will never own a home. Sorry, that is the deal that you made when you decided to be born after 1988."

Oliver continued, "We didn't want you to feel left out so we've actually prepared a full alternative story for you tonight about Chuck E. Cheese, a different crumbling American institution that you should go on and watch instead."