John Oliver offers corrupt Clarence Thomas a luxury RV and $1 million a year to "get the f*ck off the Supreme Court"

John Oliver, like a couple of hundred million Americans, wants wantonly corrupt Clarence Thomas to "get the f*ck off the Supreme Court." Thomas has been a sleazy embarrassment to the U.S. judicial system since 1991, when Anita Hill, a lawyer and law professor, accused him of repeated sexual harassment. Since then, Thomas has reportedly accepted undisclosed luxury trips and lavish gifts from a Republican mega-donor, which he allegedly failed to report on his annual financial disclosure reports, as required by law. He also allegedly failed to report over $686,000 in income that his wife earned while working at a far-right think tank and did not recuse himself from cases related to the Affordable Care Act despite his wife's involvement in efforts to repeal the act.

Oliver's proposal is to appeal to Thomas's self-interest by offering him a new $2.4 million RV (complete "with a f*cking fireplace") and $1 million a year in exchange for his retirement from the Supreme Court.

"$1 million a year, Clarence. And a brand new condo on wheels. And all you have to do in return is sign the contract and get the f*ck off the Supreme Court. Talk it over with your totally best friend in the whole world. Because the clock starts now. Thirty days, Clarence … Let's do this!"

"I think you're thinking, what would my friend say if I take this offer?" said Oliver. "Will they judge me as they sit in their boardrooms and mega yachts and Hitler shrines? Will they still treat me to luxury vacations and sing songs about me off their phones? Well, that's the beauty of friendship, Clarence. If they're real friends, they'll love you no matter what your job is. So I guess this might be the perfect way to find out who your real friends actually are."

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