Cub and fawn meet, cuteness ensues

Check out this cutest little baby bear meeting this precious tiny baby deer. I love how the cub—whose name is Boog—upon first laying eyes on the fawn, stands up on his wobbly hind legs, trying his very best to look scary. He's so ridiculously cute though, he utterly fails to be frightening. And in this second, follow-up video, Boog stands up again, before giving up being scary and, instead, kissing the fawn—who doesn't seem to mind. 

I also adore the man who is filming—his name is Joel Rosenthal and he runs Point of View Farm, a nonprofit animal sanctuary in Pocahontas County, West Virginia. His commentary in the videos is pure gold. In the first video, he kills me when he says: "He's hiding—look at him hiding! Hiding from that fawn!" And in the second, "Yes! It's a bear kiss! A kiss! Look at that kiss!"

These two videos are several years old, and by now the bear and fawn are all grown up. I hope they're still friends, though.