This lifetime subscription gives you unlimited access to in-demand languages and skills for only $190

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TL;DR: If you're looking for self-improvement ideas that could help you in the workplace, this lifetime learning bundle with Rosetta Stone and StackSkills is on sale for $189.99.

In a work environment where digitization and automation have increased, the importance of self-improvement by upskilling or reskilling is essential to stay afloat in a competitive workforce, per Forbes. So, how do you stand out in an ever-changing world without breaking the bank with expensive courses or workshops? This Unlimited Lifetime Learning Subscription Bundle features Rosetta Stone and StackSkills to give you access to the most in-demand languages and skills for just $189.99 (reg. $1794).

Adding another language to your belt is an easy way to open new doors in your professional or academic career. How? In 2019, over 68 million people spoke a different language at home, and no doubt this number has only increased. Learning one of the top five spoken languages (Spanish, Chinese, Tagalog, Vietnamese, and Arabic) can help you connect and serve other communities through your work. 

Rosetta Stone's immersive learning program can teach you how to read, write, and speak in up to 24 languages (though only one at a time for our eager learners). For effective progress, the program utilizes TruAccent to perfect those rolling r's within three courses of 6-7 units per course.

However, if that isn't enough, a new language isn't the only way to upskill. StackSkills helps you to do just that—stack up on skills! From beginner to advanced courses, this platform offers courses for learners at any stage looking to gain access to up-to-date knowledge and practices by leading instructors in a wide range of industries. Get certified in your field of interest! From IT, development, graphic design, and more, there are over 1,000 courses available, with 50 new courses added each month.

Learning a new language or skill should be meant for anyone at any stage, whether you're a student looking to apply for a study abroad program or a professional wanting to learn more about digital marketing. This lifetime learning bundle can be accessed at any time, anywhere, from your desktop and mobile devices.

Want to learn a new language (or two) and gain valuable skills as well?

Get insight into a world of knowledge and grab this Unlimited Lifetime Learning Subscription Bundle now for just $189.99 (reg. $1794).

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