Watch street art come to life in this wheat paste animation

I can't get over how cool this wheat paste animation is. The artist is Michael McAfee ( First, the artist created a series of wheat paste stickers that depict a character in different stages of motion. Next, the stickers were pasted in various urban areas and turned into a stop motion animation. I love this technique and the way it looks when animated. What a fantastic idea!

From Instagram:

"Wheat paste animation by Michael McAfee.


88 frames, 88 different locations. Hand cut and wheatpasted around Chicago.

Branching out from my typical workflow and trying out techniques that many of my artist heroes have mastered. My experiments resulted in a wonked-out wheatpaste + stop-motion + digital art hybrid piece.

Inspired largely by the paper and stop motion work from a mentor of mine, @anismist 🙏"