Grainy but awesome footage of Dave Grohl at 16 years old banging the drums in a punk band

Rockstar then, rockstar now. A few years before he was Nirvana's drummer, a young Dave Grohl played for Mission Impossible, a punk band from Springfield, Virginia. Amazingly, there is footage of him at just 16 years old displaying his kickass drumming skills. This 1985 video is grainy but definitely worth a watch.

Open Culture:

This July 1985 footage was captured by Sohrab Habibion, who documented shows from the 1980s DC punk scene. His recordings now reside at the Punk Archive at the DC Public Library. Likewise, you can stream them on his YouTube channel. Among other things, you can watch vintage performances by Fugazi, GWAR, the Lemonheads, Dain Bramage (another Grohl band) & more.