Adam Driver is rumored to be the MCU's Mr. Fantastic in The Fantastic Four

Whenever people think about the Fantastic Four-which is a rarity in itself as the group is nowhere near as popular as their peers in the Marvel universe- most people tend to consolidate their focus on the Human Torch and The Thing. I mean, it makes sense when you think about it, as both characters have lively personalities and visually exciting abilities. Who else are kids going to gravitate toward? However, if Marvel is sincerely trying to make the FF a marquee superhero team again, they know that making audiences care about the other two members of the quartet is mandatory. 

Following rumors that Marvel Studios was looking to anchor the cast of their upcoming FF reboot around Sue Storm– who is secretly the protagonist of the series– according to Comic Book Resources, Marvel is rumored to have settled on Oscar-nominated actor Adam Driver to play Sue's husband Reed "Mr. Fantastic" Richards. 

A new report claimed that Adam Driver is in final talks to star in the Marvel Cinematic Universe's Fantastic Four reboot.

According to reputable scooper Daniel Richtman, Driver is currently finalizing a deal with Marvel Studios to play the Fantastic Four's Reed Richards. Driver's name has floated around the project for months, at different times rumored to play a major role in Fantastic Four as early as October 2022, though the reports did not indicate which character he might portray. Fans also expressed interest in seeing the Star Wars actor take on the role of famed Marvel villain Doctor Doom.