The strange story of why the Street Fighter movie deviated so far from the games

With The Super Mario Bros. movie close to earning a billion dollars at the global box office, it's safe to say that Hollywood will be flooded with video game adaptations soon. It's crazy to think that, despite being close to 40 years old, the first movie that attempted to translate Mario's world to the big screen accurately only happened this year. Similar to superheroes, movie studios used to dismiss video game IPs as disposable children's entertainment in the 20th century. Consequently, whenever Hollywood opted to adapt a video game, they would consistently aim to make the story more "palatable" for a wider audience. 

One of the most notable examples of Hollywood's delusional approach to creating video game movies is the 90s Street Fighter film. In the video linked above, you can find out why the Street Fighter movie bears only a surface-level resemblance to its titular video game of origin.