GOP commentator Anna Perez claims she likes to say "f*ggot" to test for true patriots or RINOs

Popular GOP commentator Anna Perez, Host of Wrongthink with Anna Perez on LFA TV, is proud of herself for devising a test to find out if someone is a true patriot or a RINO. She inserts the word "f*ggot" into the conversation and looks for their reaction.

"If it's a RINO you're dealing with they'll, they'll usually, like, wince almost," she says in this video. "If it's a not-RINO, he or she will laugh and be like, and you know, it'll add to the humor, you know, it'll add to the entertainment quality of the joke. That's a good test right there."

Here's another "good test": Would Ms. Perez laugh if she were at a restaurant with her parents and a MAGA supporter walked up to them and called them a pejorative term for Hispanic/Latino people?